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Tito Jackson Hearing Michael Jackson Sing 1st Time Forming Jackson 5

29 Sep 2021

Tito Jackson spoke about the beginnings of the Jackson 5 during an exclusive interview with VladTV as he explained the original group consisted of himself Jackie and Jermaine It wasn't until he heard Michael's unknown talent during an elementary school program as he sang Climb Every Mountain which Tito said blew him away It was then that Tito invited his younger brother to join the group along with Marlon During the conversation Tito also addressed his father's portrayal in The Jacksons An American Dream movie which he said was dramatized Tito explained that his father was a disciplinarian because he didn't want his sons to end up going down the wrong path Tito added that a lot of kids today could use more discipline as he believes it would diminish the amount of violence in the world He added that violence wasn't as prevalent back in the day because kids were more disciplined in and out of the household including from teachers and neighbors Check out more of what Tito had to say above

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