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I have a dream - Martin Luther King and the March on Washington in full HD Framepool

19 Jan 2022

I have a dream - Martin Luther King hold his famous speech 50 years ago on August 28 1963 in Washington DC on the greatest demonstration for freedom and civil rights in the history of the USA Hundreds of thousands marched together to demonstrate for their rights I have a dream shouted Martin Luther King - a dream that came true The film shows newly scanned full HD stock footage of the march Read more about a http 3A 2F 2Fblog framepool com 2F2013 2F07 2Fi-have-a-dream-hd-footage-clips-about-the-march-on-washington 2F a More Martin Luther King Jr Footage a https 3A 2F 2Ffootage framepool com 2Fen 2Fsearch 2FMartin 2520Luther 2520King 2F a

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